Ahh Interviews!

On Tuesday, the teams were making huge progress on their PPTs and business plans, and after watching Mr. David Walling’s talk about storytelling with passion, the BizSmart campers learned that the fear of change was often the reason customers don’t buy the products. If they were able to figure out what motivates the customers to buy, the products will most likely be successful!

Now let us get to the most exciting part— The Interviews!

Kira Pan:

Kira is 11-years-old and this is her first time participating in business affiliated camps. She is currently the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) of AQUINAS, and her position allows her to think of different ideas without worrying about applicability. Furthermore, she loves to think outside the box in order to contribute as much as possible to the team! The team’s product is a device, which monitors water quality though water PH, dissolved oxygen and chemicals, etc. The rather interesting design, where a hole exists on both top and bottom, enables the buyers to choose between hooking the product under a buoy, or chaining it on a tank. Kira believes the most important thing about their product is its inexpensive price tag and convenience. Moreover, Kira says she loves this camp because this experience would be helpful in the future for starting an actual business while this camp also allows her to use a great amount of imagination.

Luiz Campos:

Luiz is 14-years-old and a native of Chattanooga. As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), he keeps an eye on each teammate and helps them to stay on track. If you have not guessed it, their design is the VR Goggles! However, their different implementation of materials such as gables on the front allows the wearers to see through while keeping the goggles slim and light. To Luiz, the Netflix exclusive content streaming is the defining factor of this product and the 360-degree camera enables the wearers to watch though the actors’ perspective. Just my personal opinion here: No one would buy Google Glasses after this is launched! I am glad to know Luiz is enjoying this experience and community while also learning more about business.

Martin Alvarez:

At the age of 13, Martin has has some former experience in business affiliated camps. To be even more specific, he has participated in the exact same camp and assumed the exact same position! Coming here all the way from Guatemala, Martin quickly blends in the team and contributes as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). His former experience allows him to perform even better at determining the customers and advertising. Their product seems to be complicated, but it definitely sounds technically advanced! It produces energy, specifically thermoelectric energy, and the team plans to have the products distributed and planted in deserts where the curved cube design enables energy to be generated and stored throughout the day. The fact that this product only produces environmentally-friendly energy makes Marin believe this is what makes this product stand out. Being a boarding student myself, I am pleased to hear Martin enjoys living in a dorm with friendly staff.

Karsten McKinney:

Also at the age of 13 and with some similar former camp experience, Karsten works in a completely different style than others. Because of the uneven number of campers, Karsten assumes both positions of CEO and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). However, this does not make this team anyhow disadvantaged; in fact, Karsten’s ability to work on their product’s applicability while managing the whole team is impressive! Although their product functions as a sensor, it is way different from your everyday gadget such as Fitbit. This product records workouts and helps the wearers to improve as in forms and efficiency, and therefore acts as a “physical therapist”. Karsten is clearly enjoying this experience and loves the food. Through all the sessions taught by “professionals,” Karsten has gotten more familiar with business and company structure, and he believes this experience will ensure him being steps ahead from others when starting an actual business!

I would like to end here with an even more enlightening note. Among the campers I interviewed, everyone enjoyed this experience, and would 100% recommend Camp BizSmart to others!

Tomorrow every business plans will hopefully be featured according to plan. Stay tuned!


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