Getting There!!!

Welcome to week 2! The BizSmart campers will technically have 3 and a half more days to work on their business plans, presentation, and team chemistry. The Tennessee Aquarium trip on Thursday afternoon would lead up to the most significant event— competition and graduation on Friday. Although the time is is limited, never underestimate the campers’ ability to create awesomeness in the remaining hours!

After a nice and active weekend of cruising and zip lining, the campers started out energetically on Monday. In the morning, the campers learned more about branding and marketing to maximize their sales and hence profit.


In the afternoon, the campers watched 3 rather different but definitely educational Ted Talks:


1)How great leaders inspire actions by [Simon Sinek]
—The Golden Circle
-all know What to make, most know How, but VERY FEW know Why
-people buy why you do it!!!
—The goal is to sell to people who believe in what you believe!

2)Why people believe they can’t draw and how to prove they can by [Graham Shaw]
—The learning process if often frustrating, and results in a loss of confidence.
— But keeping an open mind in order to think differently and challenge oneself will make the impossible a reality.

3)How to sound smart in your TED Talk by [Will Stephen]
—Even though the speaker has been talking gibberish for the entire time, he attracted full-on attention and pulled through an impressive talk with continuous body language and gesture.

These 3 talks all built up to the rather self-explanatory but critical rule: The 70,20,10 Rule.
—70%: the way you behave on stage
—20%:The way you sound and the tone of your voice
—10%: The Information that you give
This rule acts as an re-emphasis on how important on-stage presentation is, and we will see how each team takes advantage of this rule to make the most out of their work on Friday.

Current Designs:


On Tuesday, I will have the pleasure to interview all the CEOs, and have a better understanding of each team’s standing as well as product. After that, the teams will have all of their business plans ready by late Wednesday, and practice for the remainder of the sessions aiming to excel on Friday!


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