The most colorful day yet!

Hello dear readers!

Before I start on the BizSmart campers’ colorful Thursday, I would like to rewind to Wednesday evening. I assumed the campers would take a break after a long day and stay away from their products. Well, clearly my assumption was wrong. The teams did extensive research on other companies that could compete with them. Moreover, they actually called several companies and collected data under the name of a “school project.” What a brilliant move! One camper’s call was even answered by the CEO of that company! Now that was a mighty productive Wednesday; it is time for us to dive into Thursday.

In the morning, the campers engaged in a marketing analysis. This activity involved mostly around potential customers and their demographics. Clearly, it was rather difficult to figure these details out. However, they were able to gain a better understating of this concept with the data gathered yesterday and determine the nature of their products as either commercial or personal. Furthermore, this activity stressed the benefits offered to the customers to help the campers understand the relationship between advertising and marketing.

Marketing analysis!

In order to “combat” the abstract nature of the morning activity, the teams began to design their products in Baylor’s IdeaLab, and create them with the method of prototyping. Although the prototypes were not anywhere near perfect, the campers were able to bring their ideas to reality and work step by step to achieve perfection. The campers had access to all kinds of “future technologies” in the IdeaLab including 3D printers, VR and CNC Machine.


Even though the teams were eager to try out the fancy equipments, they opted to use the inexpensive and accessible materials to start. When it came to first day prototyping, cardboards and poster boards were the campers’ favorites. All teams were experts in terms of carving and cutting skills, but their strategies were rather different. Some groups drew and crafted the product together; other teams actually broke into even smaller groups to work on different products at the same time.

Dr. Mary Loveless’s quick introduction to Prototyping!!!

So this led us to the most exciting part—the key components of each product!

They envision their product’s cost being far less and more feature advantaged than their competitors. The goal was to design the product to be hangable from buoys in order to collect data and not disturb aquatic organisms.

Imagine wearing something that has the lens of ski goggles and body frame of regular glasses! Even more exciting, their current design left the product’s exterior as a sheet and the interior includes a nose indention to stabilize the product on the wearer.

This team surely had its competitors figured out! They decided to build a vibration feature into the now circle shaped product, yet they have not figured out the exact sizes of their product.

Their electricity generating product’s current design needed solar power as its main energy source during the day and firepower or charged energy during the night, but the team was still working on alternative features to keep the product functioning on cloudy days and places without fire.

Come back tomorrow and be surprised by their progress!


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