Not every egg cracks!



What happens when you drop an egg? It cracks and makes a mess. But what if it stays intact or does not break upon impact?

On Wednesday morning, BizSmart campers were given the task of dropping the egg, but without breaking it. Each team was given a limited amount of materials including string, scissors, straws, and a piece of newspaper to build a product that would support the egg upon its fall and keep it from breaking. In addition, they were asked to create a jingle for their new product. The goal of this exercise was to teach them the proper use of limited resources similar to a limited budget in real life. Furthermore, the teams would learn how to plan ahead in future tasks and strategize first instead of diving straight in.

Overall, the teams were having great discussions and produced rather different products. Notably, Hydro Squad knew asking for more materials will not work, so they rephrased the request by using the word “borrow” and negotiated with other teams and coaches to receive the extra materials.

Now let us move on to the more exciting part: The Egg Drop Competition.

preping their products!!!

This team has shown great confidence and claimed their product to be “eggcellent,” but it cracked upon impact. Still thumbs up to the team’s confidence.

Team FLUX was 50% sure that its product would not crack. Well, this was probably an unlucky day, as the egg cracked. Good job guys, sometimes it just takes a bit more effort to achieve 100%!

They claimed their egg wouldn’t break because it is an excellent product. But, excellence often does not result in success. Keep working, and you will surprise yourself with a truly excellent product.

“It’s a fortune, it’s an egg, it’s the fortune egg.” This was certainly the squad’s lucky day as the egg cracked like every other team’s egg, but was the only one that did not break. Moreover, this team incorporated a brilliant parachute design with the extra materials, and this difference most likely led them to success. If fortune eggs are that magical, I wonder if fortune cookies can do the same?


Congratulations HYDRO SQUAD!!!

BizSmart Camp Director Marla Zemanek wrapped up this activity by getting feedback from the teams and revealing the meaning behind this competition. It was fantastic to see different campers stepping in to lead their teams. Also, they have learned not to assume anything, and instead, use the materials resourcefully with a better plan before they start.

Director Zemanek’s quick wrap up!

After this activity, the teams continued to be productive and narrowed down their products lines into 3 from yesterday’s brainstorm session! If you are curious about their progress, wait for the next update!


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